Our Story

I’d love to take full credit for our signature product, the Paint & Peel canvas kit, I really would, but its inspiration was born out of a true collaboration between myself and my creative team, my junior staff, my artists-in-residents, aka, my kids.

Forman Design Co. started as a successful home & holiday décor business in 2018. In the mornings, the girls would often pad into my office, sidle up next to me with a squeaky “whatcha making, Mommy?” I needed their little toddler fingers far from the fragile pieces on order from customers, but didn’t want to dampen their burgeoning creative spirit. One day in late 2019, I had an idea. I threw scrap vinyl onto a few spare canvases, grabbed some paint and let them design something for their rooms.  Voila! The first Paint & Peel canvases were born and Forman Design Co. has never been the same.

Since that fateful day, my two hands have designed and sold well over 1000 Paint & Peels. From our cozy little headquarters in Gwynedd Valley, PA our kits have shipped all over the United States, engaged the young (and young at heart) in stress-free artistic expression, and brought joy to many during an immensely challenging year for all.

About me

When you order from Forman Design Co., you are ordering from well, me, so allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Megan, owner, designer, kit-assembler, shipping queen, event-planner, wife, mama, homework-helper, chaos coordinator and…. the list goes on. I wear a lot of hats around here, ok? Don’t we all!

  My entire business is run out of my home, where I work far more hours than I should and am almost always barefoot. I have an aversion to socks which really isn’t compatible for surviving winters in the Northeast where we live. I’m married to the handiest, nerdiest, beer-brewing, fort-building, amateur chef but please don’t tell him I said any of that because after nearly 9 years of marriage, he may begin to realize he got the raw end of the deal.

I cannot keep a plant alive to save my life but so far I think I am doing ok with these two...

We have regular dance parties in our kitchen and with my #momgoals of embarrassing them as much as possible as they get older, I think I’m off to a good start with my dinner time moves.

 Connecting with others, spreading joy and creating welcoming, inclusive environments is kind of my jam so imagine the bliss I feel when my job is to inspire creativity with simple projects designed for people of all ages and abilities. When you place an order for your daughter’s 8th birthday party, or you surprise all of your nieces and nephews with Paint & Peels on vacation… when you mail them to your friends for the holidays, or bring them on your girls’ weekends… I am truly sharing in your excitement and celebrating life’s special moments along with you. When you send me a picture of your artist proudly smiling with their painted canvas, it feeds my soul. This is what it means to order from a small business. This is what it means to order from me.