Name in Tall & Straight

Name in Tall & Straight

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Ready for some seriously fun and fool-proof creative time? Our unique Paint & Peel canvas kits are all-age, all-ability paint projects that make an artist out of all of us!

What’s included in your Paint & Peel kit?

1 12 x 12 Canvas with the artist's name in the "Tall & Straight" design (as shown above)

1 Paint Brush

6 individual washable, non-toxic paints selected by the designer unless otherwise specified by the customer below.

Easy-to-follow instructions and color blending guide

Customize This Kit!

This design is meant to be personalized! Please include the name exactly as you would like it to appear, being careful to double-check your spelling. If you choose not to personalize your canvas, the design will be re-centered and no text will be added.

Have questions?

Don't forget to check out our FAQs and Policies!

Please note: Each canvas kit is created and packaged by hand with care. This means that when you hit the "order" button, I genuinely share in the joy and celebration of delivering creativity right to your doorstep. It also means that slight imperfections or minor variations may exist.